新视觉《唐剧》是一个艺术多变形、技术杂揉形,以超前的思维构想设计、创作出开放的、自由自在的新型舞台剧种。这台节目不同于以往的唐歌舞,也区别于传统的功夫秀和现代的炫舞。它糅合了最近十几年来舞台剧、演艺界、影视界艺术表现手法的精华, 以观众最佳视听效果和震撼感受为目标,创造出全新的艺术风格,让观众产生更多的遐想空间—总投资达到1.2亿元,高级定制梦幻般的舞台视听设备将让观众身临其境;超强演员阵容将给观众带来绝无仅有的视觉冲击;不为人知的剧情设定将让观众流连忘返。由07年央视春晚《小城雨巷》制作团队倾力打造的《唐剧·十三朝》恢弘出世。
The Performance Introduction: The New Vision “Tang Opera” is a combination of miscellaneous varieties. It is a new type of stage opera that features openness, free style and original ideas and unique designing.This performance is not only different from the traditional Tang operas, but also different from the traditional Kung Fu Shows and modern and fashionable dances. It combines the essence of the stage, performing arts, film and television art over the last ten years.Our goal is to give the audience the best visual effect and a fantastic feel and to create a brand-new artistic style, thus leaving the audience more room for their reverie.The total investment amounts to 120 million Yuan. The luxury and customized stage audio visual equipment will let the audience have the feeling of being personally on the scene.The best crew and cast will bring a unique visual impact on the audience while the original plot of the story will greatly impress them. “Tang Opera-Thirteen Dynasties” is made by the production team who presented the show “A Little Town Lane in the Rain” for the year 2007 CCTV Spring Festival Gala.
Synopsis: “Tang Opera—Thirteen Dynasties”covers important but transient moments over 5,000 years in Chinese history and elaborates 13 dynasties including Zhou, Qin, Han, Sui and Tang as if each of them is like water under the bridge. Great men are produced generation after generation. But many of them are caught in very difficult circumstances. Many beauties died young. Chang An, the ancient China’s capital has witnessed ups and downs of the country. The following are a few important moments in the ancient Chinese history; The Square Array of Qin Army warriors is changing miraculously (Terra-Cotta Army); the Battle of Chu and Han is horrifying and thrilling (Farewell to My Concubine); the prosperity of Tang Dynasty is brilliant; Lady Yang, a high rank Tang Dynasty emperor’s concubine, committed suicide at Ma Wei Po (The Hatred of Romance); the Silk Road is leading to places in Europe for international trade; the flying fairies in the murals of Dun Huang are bringing you into a world of dreams and fantasies.
About Historic Spot:The Mansion of King Qin was built from 1371, the 4th Year of Ming Dynasty Hong Wu’s Reign to 1378, the 11th Year of Ming Dynasty Hong Wu’s Reign for Zhu Shuang, the second son of Zhu Yuanzhang. This historic spot is on the list of Important Cultural Relic Sites announced by Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government.

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